Chimney Re-Pointing

chimney workChimney stacks have to bear the brunt of the British weather, the ice and frosty nights combined with the heat from your fire create a harsh 'freeze & thaw' environment, only to be further eroded by strong winds and rain. It's no surprise that the chimney is sometimes the first part of the building to need structural and safety work.

You can normally notice that the sharp edges of the mortar joints appear to have eroded by them not being prominent or there is mortar missing in any of the mortar joints throughout the chimney.

Re-Pointing the Chimney

Re-Pointing is a great way to repair and revitalise the appearance of your chimney, reseating chimney pots can also greatly improve the efficiency of your fire, as well as the obvious safety aspects, and avoiding further damage to your property caused by a chimney stack collapse or a chimney pot falling off.